What They Found During Obama’s Colonoscopy Proves What We’ve All Known For Years

Not that we want to make you lose your dinner (and God knows, these mental images are sickening) a recent physical examination of Barack Obama’s nether region turned up something very troubling.

One of the nurses who assisted during the procedure, but who wishes to remain anonymous, reached out to us because she wants American patriots to know they were never wrong about the depravity of the ex-president and first lady.

Well, we thought it would be a routine colonoscopy…but that changed quickly once the technician saw an ‘object’ in there. I can’t go any further, but let’s just say, the Obamas are some sick people.

We have yet to be able to reach anyone who can identify the exact object thus far, but we will continue to probe our sources.

Stay tuned to this developing story.

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