BREAKING: Tomi Lahren Rushed To Hospital After BIZARRE Erotic Asphyxiation Mishap

Well, well, well… it looks like the reports of Tomi and her past filled with wild depraved days are true! Sources have just revealed to Freedom Crossroads that Tomi was rushed to top San Diego hospital late last night after what appears to be a twisted sexual act gone wrong.

A nurse at the hospital, who wishes to remain anonymous so she won’t lose her job, described the bizarre scene:

Someone dropped her off and left her out in front of the ER at about 2AM. Our first observation was that she had dark red marks, that were already turning into bruises all around her neck. She was initially unresponsive, but due to doctors and nurses working tirelessly, she regained consciousness shortly after her arrival and explained that she was not attacked and that it was just a ‘misunderstanding.’ She was practically hysterical that no one needed to be arrested, but she wouldn’t say what happened. We knew exactly how to connect the dots after that, because we see this all the time, and ruled it an erotic asphyxiation accident.

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Here are a couple of Tomi’s VERY TELLING Tweets from before she worked at The Blaze:

Now, I will admit that I liked Tomi when she first started her snarky political video commentary for The Blaze, but this seems like solid proof of why the silly girl screwed that opportunity up after selling out to the libtards and speaking in support of murdering unborn babies — she probably wants to keep the option open for herself since she seems to like very sick acts in the bedroom.

In other words, she’s a woman with very loose morals who showed her true colors when the option to have depraved, consequence-free relations with Lord knows HOW many men!

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