This Pathetic Libtard College Is Expelling Men Who Won’t Sit Down To Pee

As we’re sure you’ve been seeing in the news, liberal arts colleges have lost their minds. After watching the nonsense unfold at Evergreen, where they tried to force all white students to stay home for a day to prove some BOGUS reverse racism point, we can on;y assume their goals seem to be to emasculate men, make white people feel guilty, and then maybe teach people some job skills, in that order.

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Pissami State College in upstate New York is just one of those supposed schools and they’ve taken being a snowflake to a whole new laughable level. According to Lauren Eckleby, a junior currently attending the college:

We were instructed to ‘take a woman’s stance’ to urinate because women at the school feel they have been the victims of a sexist policy. I guess I just think it doesn’t make any sense so I don’t know why I should have to do it. God put the parts where they are and made them work how they work. Why am I being punished for that?

So, you ask, where did such an unhinged and idiotic policy come from? Well, they campus feminists, of course! The President of the local feminist chapter there and the catalyst for this demonstration replied to our requests with this comment:

Women have been made to sit like dogs and pee for eons. Are you really telling us that guys can’t do it for ONE DAY? This is the clearest case of misogyny we have ever seen.

Officials at the college have not responded to our requests for comment, but we are real interested in what they have to say about this liberal baloney. How can you prove sexism by being sexist? The stupid…it burns.

If the cowards dare to comment, we will bring it to you first.

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