Nancy Pelosi Suffers Breakdown, Taken From Capitol Hill On A Stretcher

It’s not a good day for Democrats.

Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi suffered what her staff is calling a “breakdown” this morning and was transferred via ambulance to Bethesda. Rear-Admiral Thomas Phillip McCrakken, head of psychiatry, said Pelosi shows signs of a psychotic break from reality that a woman her age may never recover from:

“Mrs. Pelosi is in an advanced stage of disengagement from reality. She’s under the impression that Democrats still have say in how our country is governed, for example, which is, quite frankly, just silly. She also believes, as she told me personally just yesterday, that Barack Obama is coming back to lead us into midterms where he will win the White House and she will be Speaker again.”

Well that’s just sad. While Obama will probably hit the campaign trail pretty hard for the Democrats in 2018, there won’t be any winning for them. They’ll continue to lose until they figure out how to shut down the will of the people the likes of whom frequent websites like ours.

Real Patriots who love their president. No. Matter. What.

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