Michelle Obama Caught Cheating With Eric Holder And Barack Is LIVID

Sources close to the Obamas have verified that in the early morning hours of June 12th, Barack walked in on quite the situation with his wife Michelle and his ex Attorney General, Eric Holder of all people! Barack, who was supposed to be out of town, returned early to their $5.3M D.C. mansion (which literally makes me SICK to type) only to find Holder and Michelle positioned in the way…ahem…dogs do it…OF COURSE. Holder was seen fleeing the premises shortly after 4AM.

According to multiple neighbors and police reports, Mr. Obama was so angry after the discovery that he littered the driveway with his wife’s possessions, hurling clothing and shoes off of the couple’s master bedroom balcony while screaming for her to “GET THE F**K OUT NOW B**CH!”

Really quite fitting name for her considering the situation, if you think about it.

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A good friend of Mr. Obama, who wished to remain anonymous, says that’s not the only reason Obummer be mad though.

Barack isn’t just mad about the affair… he’s also furious that his wife is willing to do things in the bedroom that she won’t…you know…do with him.

Again, of course a dishonorable derelict like Barack Obama would be more worried about his sex needs than his wife’s infidelity. SICK!

A local man named Dale Peterson, who was walking his dog early Saturday morning, also reported that Michelle was seen gathering her belongings from the driveway the next day.

I saw her [Michelle] stuffing clothes into trash bags in the driveway and you could tell she wasn’t in a good mood at all. She never really is though.

This picture was taken Sunday at during a church service (good try Muslims, but we know it’s always been for show) and it’s obvious that they aren’t happy at all.

So, dear readers, it seems the Obamas don’t have a fairytale romance and aren’t the perfect little “scandal free” family the liberals want you to think they are after all. But, of course, we all knew that already.

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