EXCLUSIVE: First Look At Evidence Found On Uncovered Clinton Blackberries (IMAGES)

Hillary’s web of lies is coming undone.

The Blackberries uncovered during the raid on the Clinton compound last month have yielded some interesting results. LLOD Correspondent Skip Tetheluda worked alongside our own Louis LeWeigh to bring these exclusive first images before their public release tomorrow afternoon.

There will be a total of 11 images released and we have four, which we were assured were not a breach of national security in any way and will play little role in the actual prosecution of Hillary Clinton. What they do show is that Clinton wasn’t quite the friend and mentor to her right hand, Huma Abedin, as she pretended to be.

That’s right, Patriots…once again the famous images from a person’s cell phone originated near the groin of Anthony Weiner:

We’re not sure if this one was meant to be a playful joke or if they’re actually into bestiality:

That just proves that the woman has no shame. She doesn’t care that this man is her supposed top aide’s husband. Huma Abedin came within a stone’s throw from the Office of the White House Chief of Staff. In the background, all this was happening.

It seems like an awful lot of things could go wrong if that situation blew up at the wrong time. Thank God we have a drama-free president who takes no nonsense. Trump would have had Weiner’s legs broken.

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