CNN Just Got Some Really Bad News About Their Broadcast License

It’s not been a good week for the last place network out of Atlanta.

CNN has been told by the FCC, The FDIC and the LFDCA that their broadcast license, which is up for renewal on September 1st of this year, is as good as gone. According to Gordon Liftinger, Deputy Director of Licensing at the FCC, CNN hasn’t met the requirements as a news station necessary to have a news license.

To be licensed as a news agency, a network must devote at least 40 percent of its time telling straight news in a truthful, non-partisan manner, like Fox does, with the other 60 percent allowed for editorials and commercials. CNN had 92 percent opinion last year, disqualifying it as a news network.

Alternatives for CNN include registering as an entertainment company, selling off its equipment and disbanding or restructuring by being picked up by private carriers rather than public broadcast. Ultimately, like all liberal things, they have Hillary Clinton to blame. Unfortunately, nobody will do anything about it because they don’t want to end up dead.

CNN is basically dead in the water anyway since a series of Trump statements and tweets calling them out for being fake news exposed them and destroyed their credibility. Their ratings are lower than Lifetime: TV for Women and Gay People.

Fox News has already declined requests from several anchors and show hosts looking for new jobs.

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