BREAKING: Murdered Senator Lindsay Was Having An Affair With Married Democrat

Even in death it’s hard to find nice things to say about Senator Lindsay.                                                                             .

During his last few months of living large as both a United States Senator and a drug kingpin, Hal Lindsay took tons of risks. His freedom was just one. The other thing he risked was his marriage. Hal and his wife, Rita, were married for 31 years and she is just finding out the man she thought was her soulmate in Christ was actually sleeping with a married Democrat from the House of Representatives.

Lawrence Gallsbury, (D-CA) serves the liberals of California just as yo imagined he would. All of those liberal policies are coming back to haunt him now, however, as his wife, Lara, plans to take everything and leave after finding out he was having gay lover homo sex with Senator Lindsay.

Lindsay’s assassination may be tragic and it may seem unfair to dig into a man’s personal life, but we need to know how the Democrats operate. Leave the secrets for the people who only use them when necessary.

Lindsay was sent home to South Dakota for an intimate family gathering for his burial. His name is currently being erased from US Capitol history. The media and the government want us to just move on. No. Not gonna happen. He was our senator, right or left, and we will never forget.

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