BREAKING: Charges Filed In Senator Lindsay Assassination

US Attorney Elron Hewbert has filed charges in the US district court of Washington DC of conspiracy to assassinate a US Senator and first-degree murder against Oliver Banderbloom and his wife Naomi of Little Rock and conspiracy to assassinate a Senator and High Treason against Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Hewbert says he has filed charges to be heard by the grand jury and that he is confident that at the very least, the man who pulled the trigger that killed Senator Hal Lindsay will face the death penalty but that getting any charges to stick on the Clintons will be tricky.

While Hewbert pleads his case to the grand jury, Trey Gowdy will also be busy gathering whatever evidence he can to present that the burden of proof has been met and that Hillary Clinton must finally stand trial for her crimes.

The Clintons, who are still treating this entire situation like a joke, are patiently waiting for the phone call that they’ve paid off the right people and that everything will be just fine…again. One of these days it’s not gonna work out and they will be held responsible. If not here than in the face of the almighty on judgment day.

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