BREAKING: Arkansas Attorney General Opens 3 Murder Cases From The 1980s

Arkansas Attorney General Marissa Gobeil has announced that three murder investigations dating back to the 1980s, each with some tie to the Clintons, will be reopened in light of new evidence. She isn’t saying whether the investigation has to do with the 8-year-old boy found last month suspected to be Bill Clinton’s love child.

The three murders are completely unrelated with two exceptions: They are all women between 19 and 22-years-old who are under 5 foot 6 with dark hair and they all have some tie to either Bill or Hillary Clinton. Exactly what that tie is we won’t know until the investigation gets underway.

The Clintons have been in the news quite a bit lately with their foundation and shipping service crumbling into criminal enterprises that would put a normal person away for life and a trail of bodies that begins when Bill graduates and continues until…well…it doesn’t look like the trail will ever end.

As usual, they have little to nothing to say other than to deny that they’ve ever killed anyone. Their spokesman, Christopher Blair, said in a statement:

“You really are all just a bunch of mindless sheep who will believe anything you hear as long as it incriminates a Clinton. It’s almost comical to watch. It’s almost worth documenting somehow for the whole world to see.”

Whatever that means. Liberals always try to sound smarter than the rest of us. We’ll update this story as soon as more information is available.


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